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Going on a long trip? Here is how to protect your home in the meantime

Summer vacation is a period that we love and we look forward to every year. However, it’s not just us who look forward to these periods: it’s the robbers who look forward to summertime the most. This is when whole districts in the suburbs get virtually empty and oftentimes the lock systems and alarm systems installed easily give in to them making burglary an easy matter. Therefore we thought to provide you with a few useful tips in order to avoid any burglary in your absence.


Ask someone to drive by and look around in your home on a daily basis

It’s very useful to make your home appear inhibited even in your absence. Asking a good and trusted friend (the one who won’t hold parties in your home when you are not there) to drive by and look around every day or every other day. This is especially useful if you have many plants and/or pets who you had to leave alone for the period of your travel. This way, you have someone to look after them while you are enjoying your time elsewhere.

Install lights which work with apps

It is more and more common for people to have light systems which can be navigated, turned on and off with the help of an app no matter where and how far you are staying from home. However this is not a cheap solution to have installed, it can definitely help you. You can turn on or turn off the lights, which can really help making your home look busy, even when you are not there physically. There are whole camera systems which can also help you with this although we only suggest camera installation for those who do have really valued things, to guard while not being at home.

Have a good quality locksmith service in Poole upgrade your lock system

Most of us do not care as much about our lock system as we should. This is a sad fact that is true. Therefore, if you plan to travel for more than one week it’s highly advisable to get an experienced locksmith service in Poole to see your home and tell you where and what to upgrade. This is especially important for those American/British style homes which do have a backdoor entrance mostly leading to the kitchen through the garden area, which is by far the most commonly used spot for burglars to break in. Don’t forget though that lock systems need to be supported by equally strong doors too. Because it’s not worth installing a very expensive, complicated lock, while your old wooden door is so weak, that it would easily give in, even if it’s being kicked in. Dedicate some time to have your doors and windows changed or enforced for them to be strong enough to sustain kicks, pushes and other forced attempts to break in through them. Should you need quick help just call a 24hr locksmith service in Poole.

We hope this guide helps your home stay safe and you can enjoy holidays much more relaxed.