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Steps to secure your new home

Getting a new home is a big deal and there are so many things to take into consideration and watch out for but home security is a very important aspect that cannot be neglected. Here are some steps which you are advised to take to make sure you did all the best security precautions for your new home.

Step-1: Drop the old key-set and get a brand new one

First and foremost, you need to get in touch with a quality Poole locksmith service that is certified in order to make sure all the previous main locks especially those for the entrance door, backdoor entrance, and garage are all changed promptly. If you are planning to look into home insurance, then you may want the Poole locksmith services to provide you with BSI compliant locks which all feature the kite mark and they have inbuilt protection against lock snapping that’s the most common method used by burglars to get in any home. If you are moving in fast, rather call a 24 hour Poole locksmith service, than wait for any single day. You may not want any old relative or uninformed friend of the previous owners do a surprise visit.

Step-2: Walk through the yard and backyard areas

Inspect the fences, the locks, how hidden the garden entrance is and how well protected it is overall from burglary. The state of the yard is also very important. If the yard, and the road leading to the garden door is unkempt, providing tons of hiding place, it’s best to take care of and clear out of the way as soon as possible. Same goes for the state of garden. Specialized locksmith services in Poole can help you with the garden lock systems and a good fencer can reinforce or change your fences entirely.

Step-3: Proper lighting everywhere

Although quite surprisingly a large number of burglary happens during the daytime, proper lighting both in front of the home, on the sides and in the backyard areas is extremely important. What you can see clearly also during the evening and night is way less likely to get penetrated by intruders. Same goes for the street lights both in front and at the back of the house. Contact the local residential community centre or any similar office if you feel the current street-lighting system is not good enough for you to feel secure.

Step-4: Do a thorough inspection of the house

Walk around the whole house, with a pen and a paper and enlist all possible areas which can act as points of entry for burglars. You can do more categories ranging from high to lower risk points. Especially vulnerable spots include

  • Windows on the ground floor
  • Basement and garage windows
  • Any doors opening to the outside

It’s essential to also check the state of your doors to make sure they are not weak or too much worn out over time. If they are, then it’s best to have these changed. If you keep yourself to the basic precautions, close and lock everything when leaving, then you have already made the first key step to ensure your home is safe from burglary.