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Top home insurance traps and keys to avoid these

If we want to find the cheapest insurance, we are often tempted to go on comparison websites to find the best suitable insurance. However, when it comes to insurers sometimes if you choose a very cheap policy, it can really let you down, in case a burglary happens. Here are the things to watch out for:

BSI standard locks are a must-have for most Home Insurance companies

Most quality home insurers will want you to have British Standard locks which are certified by BSI and they will even send out one of their investigators, to check all locks along with their status. These would only let you make the insurance once it’s been proved that all your locks are in proper state. If you happen to act otherwise and make insurance out of the blue or online without any additional check, you may easily end up getting nothing in return for any lost valuables. Therefore it is always good to get all checked in advance than to hear that your locks were not in the state to be insured and the company would not pay. In addition, if you check that your locks are of the British standard when they are not, you won’t likely get any cover for stolen valuables.

Watch out for what’s excluded from the insurance

Many things are not organically included in insurance and only will be so, once you check them and/or agree to pay an extra for them. This also includes accidental damage, meaning all the accidents and other occurrences which happen due to the fact that an appliance was forgotten open or turned on.

The lock system photos, detailed description

Quality insurance companies will ask a detailed description of your locks. We advise you to get help from Poole locksmith services, regarding this. It may cost some extra money, but in addition, you will get substantial information on what locks you have, what you should have changed and what you should reinforce.

Alarm system details

The same request goes for all the alarm system related details. Insurance companies will need a very detailed information on what you are using for your alarm, on its working methodology and the frequency of usage.


Insurance companies will not pay you if one of the following happens:

  • The burglary happened without braking-in through any doors or locks, which means that the owner may have accidentally left the door or window open which would let the burglars through without any violence or work to be done.
  • If your alarm system (if you proved you had one) was not turned on when you left your home, before the burglary happened.
  • If you fail to provide correct information whether your doors/windows were locked or whether your alarm was turned on.

Certified locksmith services in Poole will be able to provide you with the locks you need in order to get you covered and to upgrade your lock system in the same time.