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What locks should you use for your additional doors?

We often check for and make sure that the locks on our main entrance doors are secure enough. But insurance companies and your own personal safety also calls for the upgrading of your other locks as well. This especially means the doors which can be used as an entrance to the house, such as patio doors, balcony doors, backyard doors and garage doors. Which locks can prove to be the safest for these doors? Let’s check out below.

We don’t seem to pay enough attention to all the doors in our home, although there can be several entrances in a home and should these be more secure enough, you may end up not only getting robbed, but getting robbed without the burglars facing any difficulty in getting in your home. This also results not getting paid by your insurance company. This is why it’s essential to pay attention to all your doors. Let’s enlist a couple of locks which are commonly suggested by insurance companies and seasoned locksmith services in Manchester to be used.

Multi-point locking systems

Multip point locking systems are very useful to be used on any doors opening to the outside but as they require more of a rustic door, they are generally used for garage doors and backdoors which open from the home to the kitchen. Pay attention though because you will need a multi-point locking system which has three locking points at the very least and they are installed perfectly by a certified locksmith service to prove they are secure enough to hold on when entrance is being forced.

Sliding patio/balcony doors

Sliding doors are often used for patio, garden and terrace and balcony. They save space and act as an additional window. But this also means that these sort of doors are extremely vulnerable for breaking in. The most common method to be used by burglars is to lift the door out of its runner and simply putting it out of the way. This is why the new standards require home owners to get special defence which would stop burglars from getting in. This means the following additions:

  • The door must have a key-operated lock, a normal window lock is not enough
  • The key operated lock should secure the door at the bottom and at the top in the same time.
  • An additional tool or device that prevents the door being lifted out of its runners is also required.

Key-operated security bolts

These are generally used for other doors than the entrance door and they are also commonly used for French doors and other double doors as they are mounted and secure at the bottom and at the top in the same time when being locked. The locksmith must however ensure that the screws holding the lock and the door are as strong as possible. Mortice bolts are more secure than the outside mounted bolts.

Up to date manchesterlocksmith.org.uk are perfectly informed about the most general requirements of insurance companies and can help in securing your doors accordingly.